Behind Closed Doors

I am inspired this fine morning.

I am going to put new words to an old standard of Charlie Rich’s, called “Behind Closed Doors.” At the time, it was an unabashed, somewhat chauvinist view of the reasons Charlie Rich’s lady was the perfect gal.

This brings me to Mitt Romney, who seems to be endowed with the best case of ‘foot in his mouth’ that I have seen since perhaps Dan Quayle, and you know, that’s really saying something.

In the last few weeks we found out that, during a May 17 fundraiser in Boca Raton, Romney, the elitist great white hope, said that Obama supporters were ‘dependent on government.’ He also claimed that this 47% believe they are ‘victims,’ and believe the government has a responsibility to take care of them.

Whoa, Hoss. Come away from the Perrier stand and commune with the realistic and the awake.

That 47% that Romney managed to ‘round’ from what appears an almost inexhaustible source of easily manipulated information, who are they?

Well, let me tell you my friends. They are the elderly who did their time in the workforce, and are, frighteningly, huge supporters of this candidate. They are the working poor (under 50k and less incomes) which put me solidly there. They are low income, making $26, 400 or less (this was me and anyone who took a JOB, any JOB during the economic downturn in order to survive.)

Back to that song…..In it, Rich sings  “No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.”

Well maybe…..unless you are a 1 percenter, or a well-meaning senior, baby boomer still working and doing pretty well, or one of my generation, the older Gen-Xer’s who are just starting to make some progress…………sad to say, Romney has a lot of the above groups right in his pocket.

The sad thing is being in a pocket limits your ability to see clearly. However, maybe we don’t need to see clearly to know how Romney feels about the 99 percent. All we have to do is listen. To our faces, he only occasionally slips and says lovely things like not really needing to be concerned about the poor (Herbert Hoover would have been proud). It’s behind closed doors with the one percent that he lets it all hang out.

He wants his cronies to know that he expects the mother working two full time jobs to just pull herself up by her boot-straps. But what if she has no boots? Oh, must be her fault. I mean, must be some lack of character, or maybe she’s just plain un-American if she expects the country she lives in (and pays huge sales and payroll taxes to) to help care for her family. Right?

If I were a bit more cynical, I would say that Romney doesn’t care. Not knowing the man, I can’t tell you. However, I do honestly believe he doesn’t get it. He is totally out of touch with mainstream America and totally in touch with the 1 percent who claim to run things.

I have heard all the excuses and implied threats. Crack down on the wealthy and they will go into a prolonged temper tantrum and not hire more workers. Well, that would be great in theory. However, greed requires workers to produce wealth. I doubt seriously that such a tantrum would last very long.

My favorite ‘one-percenter,’ Franklin Delano Roosevelt may have never experienced poverty, but he got what it was like to be hungry, worried about bills, wanting work. His programs (meant to be short term solutions) morphed into the monster we have today. And yes, some of that needs to go. But to ‘go’ in a slasher like/Friday the 13th fashion and start rapidly cutting everything that affects the lives of people who need assistance to survive……….well, that’s just not a plan my vote will support.

I hope it is not arrogance that presumes that Mr. Romney can talk out of one side of his mouth to America, and another side of it to the elite who are backing his campaign. I hope its just once again, really, really bad judgement.

However, behind closed doors is often where the truth lies. And behind closed doors, Mitt Romney said some very interesting things about how he feels about a significant part of America. A part of America that I sincerely hope was listening and will be getting out to vote on Election day.