Song of the Rose 3


In the distance between
Two sets of eyes
Insecurity rests and begins to thrive
Doubts linger, and worries arise
In the distance between
Two set of eyes
The question loudly asserts itself
Did your heart lie?



So long was I the butterfly
Elusive, delicate, free
Content to simply fly away
Yet saying I shared my journey
Till love’s first kiss
After so long a wait
Tells me there is was a greater plan
Something more dependable than ‘fate’
Love touched the butterfly
And helped make her complete
For you have shown me joy
Your love has captured me

LR 09


For in life’s changes and circumstance,
No greater love can I find
Than to empty my soul of self
My heart of ‘me’ and ‘mine’
So if it avails me
To be a friend to thee
To look past my own desire
And that which I’d like to see
For in serving without expectation
Purest love is truly found
So your request doesn’t burden me
Or fall on fallow ground
For in life’s uncertain tides
Loyalties change and end
But I may yet call thee more beloved
If I may call thee friend



A divided heart does not prosper
Lest it be rent in halves
Never finding that which is true
Or that which is steadfast
Collasping under its own weight
Denying precious sovereignty
Forgetting to pay the price
Of a road drenched with humility
Till clasping only remnants
As we learn to live well, again
Hoping that wisdom so cutting
Will also be what mends
Giving up what was barren
For that which cannot be lost
Hoping that the time which was spent
Was worth the dreadful cost.



As the frost cradled
The final rose of the year
Giving it a passionate death-kiss
And trees dressed themselves
With scarlet sashes upon orange gowns
Completing their final dance
There was a soft sound
A mere droplet into a waiting sea
A tear, unexplainable
From a frequently broken heart



Can you imagine the quiet
Here among the dead?
Minutes tick by mercilessly
Drops of water endlessly dripping.
There is no peace
It is the boredom of acclaim
So used to one another
Each day is essentially the same
You were once my knight in shining armor
My king upon a throne
But even royalty shows its flaws
The magic, slowly, is gone
Can you imagine the stillness
Playing monotonously in my head?
Waiting for something, anything to happen
Here among the dead.



Quicksilver butterflies
Memory is an enemy…and a friend
Now that its all over
Before it could truly begin
A flash of bluest thunder
‘Home’ in a strangers smile
A chance to feel so welcome
Safe in someone’s eyes
Tears and misunderstandings
How did it even start?
Till desert in coldest winter
In the center of an oft broken heart
Things I wish I couldn’t remember
Things I shall never forget
Tears fill the most tender of rivers
And what remains is only—regret.



I pondered love’s unpredictability
On a journey not fully known
Suddenly, when walking
I found I was no longer alone
Flesh of my flesh
You first became my friend
In joy that awakened me
A circle which has no end
Bone of my bone,
You became the best of me
And somehow, I, the same for you
Somehow more completely freed
By what we say and do
Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone
My dearest, most beloved friend
Love came to us later
But amazingly just in time
The circle that has no end.


A Lot About Ice

Drawing near
Yet considering the price
Listen to me closely
For I know a lot about ice
Ice which consumes, yet yeilds no measure
Ice which freezes, yet steals precious treasure
And in the stillness of where day turned night
I learned, so sadly, a lot about ice
Where once was fashioned
The best that could be
In such a precious garden
Could the price be free?
And now, all undone
For there is nothing else
Confusion still lingers
With the distance time tells
And in drawing near,
I paid the greatest price
Listen to my story
For I know a lot abut Ice.



The cannon roared but once
And in the silence which enused
Music became without form
Brightness subdued by gloom
Ice crept in steathily
Before long, that was all there was
And there was no more gentleness
For death grew in the pause……….
How loud the scream of silence
How long the measure of night
How old the widow’s garment
How bereft her winsome plight…..
And in the moment, so loud
Where all that was good
Was leveled by all not
And a hundred, hundred ‘shoulds’
She danced as if tossed from captivity
Yet remained in chains
And now the shroud of darkness
Where nothing can remain
A moment of enforced silence
A bartered time of grace
Within the parchment of abandonment
Lives the sadness of waste.

LR 08

The Elephant

There is an elephant in this room
A crust too gigantic to swallow
A priest without the sacrament
A feast that one cannot taste.
Hear the winds swirl ’round her
Hear the longing, oh, how she cries!
As outwardly, she tries to accept,
And inwardly, slowly dies.



If we looked at the end
And not the beginning
Would we dare at all to love?
If, deep from the grave
Wormwood came ere the
First lusty baby’s cry
Would we have even tried?
Yet, even as ashes linger
Til they seek their final place
We look to You, Lord, Redeemer
And seek Your loving Face.



Naught lives here anymore
So shutter the windows
Lock twice all the doors
Close up the garden, latch the gate
Time to be going, it is so, so late
No reason to listen in emptiest of halls
Where once rang laughter
Now, nothing, nothing at all
Where hope once grew
Now strives the refrain
Of purposeless meaning
The aftermath of pain
The house now empty, bereft of grace
No further expression on a beloved one’s face
Move on quickly, as oft done before
Because nothing lives here, naught……