Potpourri (2012-14)


Never let it be said

In these times we now create

That we made haste out of waiting

Or tried to ignore fate

As it tapped on our shoulders

And then, upon our hearts

Letting us know it was time

For true living to start….

Years torn away by locusts

Hunger that would make a soul bleed

Til finally, I looked in the eyes of a stranger

And saw all that I would ever need

Stranger became a friend, friend-to me, so  much more

Now, we stand on the threshold, a adventure

Wondering at all that might be in store

Though passion demands requition

Let’s tarry a little bit more

Walk into this garden of wonder together

Once we are at last, fully sure.



I wish  we had been born on the same day

And newly fresh from our mothers’ arms

Were laid in cribs side by side

So that I could look at you,

And you could look into my eyes.

I wish I could have been there

When you learned to walk and run

And done these things together

I wish I had been the first for you,

And you the first for me

First love, first kiss, first night

Falling blissfully, together, asleep

But–what I have is now

All the time since I looked across a room

And saw your unforgettable eyes

I’ll take all the time I’m allowed to have

But still……I wish.



Hallowed ground

Full of memories

I remember all the gatherings

The life that went on

Before dirt covered dirt

And set love free

Hallowed ground

Where plenty has been lost

Tears watered the soul here

And counted the mighty cost

A ceiling of green now

Not even the stones remain

But still I feel the presence

Of memories which sustain me

If the Earth could cry out

Then certainly, it would

Telling of love and broken promises

More than voices ever could



Longing is not enough

Nor fevered looks in burning eyes.

Which exist only as a conduit

The price is just not worthwhile

I lived on such a empty feast

I danced upon the air

Till opening up my dreamer’s eyes

I found that you weren’t there

Now, leaving the empty table

For it never did sustain

Love cannot live once abandoned

If it cannot speak its name.



Days go on

One quickly after another

And I wonder

If the path we so briefly walked together

Could have been more long

Days go on

And yes, I still love you

But time changes all, and I suppose

In time, you will become

Another beloved stranger

For days go on.

As each action takes us further

From what  might have been love

Days go on.

And you, beloved stranger

Fade into the place of memories

Though I would not want it to be….

But days, go on.



Why did you

Visit my garden

Smell the flowers

Let the breeze calm you

When you had no plans to stay?

Did you not know

That such a careless gesture

Would cause the rain to fall?



I will gather flowers

Rather than wait for them

To be gathered for me

And I will hope for laughter-filled

Secreted summer nights

Somewhere along the way..

For no path is ever perfect

And ours seems decreed

To take more time

Til heavens grants my whispered prayers…..

Along the way of solitary grace

I will find things which are worthy of joy

Time in which I can rejoice

Til I wake and someday

Find you there.



A morning when secrets grow

Wild love consumes

Dry, bruised tendrils

The slender tongues of evenings blossom’s sing

And these ask me

What say you?



After all I am

A work you are building

A page from a book

Not yet full

You are teaching me

By the minute

As days grow to years

Time passes and I find

I love Thee more sincerely.

Lord, I am your book

Write on me.



I walked along quietly

As if in a dream

Where all things might or might not be.

Things far beyond my control

As in life

I saw your face

Carved from memory

And the longing

The yet-to-be requited longing

Fell all about me

I opened my eyes

For it really had been a dream

In a world where for now

You are kept from me

But there is always tomorrow

As there once was yesterday

Until you can come to me

My darling, I wait.